Sunday, December 9, 2007

Days ....... Human Rights Day.

Some days are so memorable, you cannot forget them.

When I was young, the holy feasts and the national vacations were so important to me, they lost that importance when I grew up, I do not know why, may be I am not that joyful young heart anymore, may there is no joy around me.

Tomorrow is a very important day in my life; it is the International Human Rights Day, in that day, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, that declaration is considered to be the corner stone of the international bill of Human Rights, which promote and protect Human Rights.

Human Rights reminds with all the noble values of the humanity, virtue, justice, egalitarianism, peace, compassion and hope, it reminds as well with the crimes and tragedies against Human Rights, massacres, war, poverty, intolerance, discrimination, oh a lot to tell.

I am happy and optimistic today, that day is a chance to celebrate, to start thinking of tomorrow, a better tomorrow, where human are equal, only for the virtue of being human.

Celebrate Love, Equality, Peace and Tolerance.

Denounce and Stop Wars, Hatred and Injustice.

Looking Forward or Better Tomorrow.


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