Friday, March 4, 2011

Meeting my first sweetheart

Today is the religious wedding of my dearest school friend, I am very happy for her, that she is happy and she found a right match too.

I hate the weddings whether it is the social and the religious, they both are built on exploitation of fake emotions, and I like the small controlled gatherings with warm talks and real engagement with family and close friends.

Many school mates were there, we all changed, I did not see couple of them in a while, the life took us in different ways, and still we try to meet every now and then. This time was different, I met my first sweetheart there, he was the same just looking more masculine and more mature, and he introduced me to his wife. She is just a nice girl, ordinary eyes, I had a kind first impression about her, but I also noticed she is typical the girl that I refused to be like her, she is just too peaceful, easily guided , obedient only a house wife with no perspective, I do not despise house wives , but that is my night mare .

I felt in love with him when I was 15, we were in the debate team and I still remember his arguments against women work and good for him he applied it in his life. He is married to a "good" woman from his point of view. I felt bad that I was alone without a date; I felt that I chose my life and I found a good man to accompany me in my life trip, even if he is not there physically.
i am happy that i had the right to choose and i am happy with my choice

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