Friday, December 6, 2013

Madiba Died

such a sad day.
some facts strike you and show you that in the end you are a human, with limits .
there is fate and you can not deny it or resist it. death is inevitable part of the human life. as much as it hurts, as much as it shows you that every thing must come to an end, regardless how great it is .
i am in grieve because the life of one of my heroes came to an end.
Madiba died.

i am not going to write about his great life, i will write about how he effected my humble life.
i grow up in age where Mandela was almost victorious, when i was a young child, he was set free from his long term prison (27 years). i saw him victorious, i saw him proud and powerful, gaining the benefits of tough struggle.
Madiba was born for Xhosa tribe, in a village far far in the south, in a country suffering from vicious racist system. discrimination, racism and marginalization was the fate of black people in South Africa
Mandela walked a very long walk for freedom, fighting a furious fight against the apartheid.
Mandela is my saint, although some might claim that he used violence at a certain point of time. i still see that legitimate, if you are fighting a horrible tyrant.

Mandela made huge differences in his country and his world. he reached power after years in prison. he stepped down and he continued working for spreading peace in the mother land, Africa.
Mandela changed the social standards about taboos like HIV AIDS, he declared that he lost his son because of this disease.
Dear Mandela, you will always be alive in my heart, i will carry you in my heart as i carry my ancestors. you are our African saint. our Baobab. rest in peace. rest in power.
your loss broke my heart, Madiba
pay your respect, send condolences message to Mandela.

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