Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lets remember Gaza 2008.

Although I did not witness the major Arab tragedies, like 1948 and 1967 wars, but I remember by heart when the American troops entered Kuwait in 1991, it was for me like electronic game. Airplanes are bombarding the targets and only flashes appear in the night darkness. I did not feel the pains of Iraqi people in this time. On the contrary, I remember the second Intifada in 2000, I remember the walls of Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University with all the horrible photos of the injured and dead Palestinian people. That was a major change of the media coverage of the Middle East conflict and a major change in my life, I was turmatised by all the pain and suffering the Palestinian are facing on daily basis and I did not believe that human beings are capable of committing such atrocities. I also recall the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the students demonstrations in Cairo, I remember my attitude towards it. I totally ignored it and did not participate in it. And I still have major problem in participating physically in such events.
All these black memories are invading my mind now, because today is the first commeration of Gaza war, a year passed on the war but the siege is still ongoing. The number of casualties is still increasing. Pain and misery is spreading in Palestine not only in Gaza.
The crimes were not committed by the Israeli army alone. The handicapped International community contributed, the failure of application of Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court contributed, although all the crimes under its mandate took place in Gaza 2008, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression. However the rationale of the statue is ensuring impunity of the states.
The silence of the Arab states contributed. the fights between the Palestinian fictions contributed. and the collaboration of the US with Israel contributed
Lets light a candle to fight the dark shadows of Gaza 2008, lets talk for the unseen victims, lets document the massacre to avoid another massacre. lets remember Gaza 2008.


Free your mind said...

Ya Fatma I share the same feelings
also I want to add the sepataion wall taht is being built between Egypt and Palestine is horrible to even think about. I am not saying that Egypt is not allowed to control its borders but why are we doing this to the poor people of Gaza while we receive so many Israeli tourists everyday in Sinai and all over Egypt.
Why are not we doing the same with our borders with Sudan where we get the biggest number of refugees into Egypt.
I am against this separation wall and against any bordres that stops the movement of people.
So thank you ya Fatma for the great post
Remembering Gaza always

Free your mind said...

I wrote a huge comment then it was not published so I will try to summarize what I said before I hope this time it gets published
so I love the post also I wanted to say that I feel horrible about the separation wall that is being built between Egypt and Palestine although we are getting thousand sof Israeli toursists every day. I am not against getting Israeli toursists although I would appreciate it if Egyptians would go more and visit their own country as many Egyptians never go to Taba or far places in Sinai I have never been to Taha untik now while you will find much more Israelis going there.
Also I hate the fact that we are trapping the Palestinians in Gaza. We are closing the tunnels the borders how will they survive.
Always remembering Gaza

Fatma Emam said...

sorry ya sara
your comments are published. I am monitoring the comments to avoid spams. whatever you write I will publish immediately, thanks for reading and giving minutes of your precious time my dear