Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto is Silenced!!!

Bhutto is Killed in a blast!!!!
This piece of news is invading all the news networks all over the world.
The powerful Pakistani woman is killed.
the sequence of the Pakistani politics was saying that she will be dieing soon, since her return to her homeland Pakistan from Dubai, she was subject to assassination trails, the imposition of emergency status and the sudden removal of it and finally the weird presidential plea of securing the opposition leaders meant the opposite, that all the opposition leaders will be under attack.
Bhutto is down, may be tomorrow Sherif will be the victim, who know.

Bhutto was not a local Pakistani symbol, she is a human symbol, she is symbolizing a powerful woman, who used to speak bravely, while others were silenced. She portrayed an enlightened picture of women coming from the Global South, an educated privileged woman that struggled for her fellow illiterate and poor woman.
I will not be lair if I said she is a Muslim powerful woman, I will never forget her as the first woman prime minister in a Muslim country, where fundamental and extremist voices were trying to deform her photo.
Bhutto is not a saint, definitely she made some wrong steps throughout her endeavor, but she did not deserve to be slaughtered in public, between her supporters.
whoever killed her is a coward, that did not manage to stand up and argue with her in public, that's why her killers decided to manage their dispute with her, in a inhumane way, they decided to silence her forever.

But they forgot that Bhutto's causes are still alive.

We will struggle for Democracy
We will struggle for Civil Governments
We will struggle for Gender Equality
We will struggle against Fundamentalism.

Bhutto, Rest in Peace, May Allah Bestow his Mercy Upon You.
Bhutto, they killed you, but others and I are still alive.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why in the name of Allah ??!!

Last week I was in Milan in Italy, coming from Malta after attending my graduation ceremony, heading back to home in Egypt, in the transit area, I met punch of Tunisian young men and women, and they were so nice and decent, they made my day by their smiles and tenderness.
I was so happy , however, after boarding on the plane, the host gave me the newspapers, I was really in a trauma, I did not know about the brutal attacks in Algiers, it was claimed to be related to Al Qaeda, those terrorists killed those innocent humans, under the name of Islam.
These violent attacks are new miseries added to the black book of terrorism and horror that galvanized Algeria. Algerians faced black years and days under the black shadows of terrorism.
Those accidents reminded me with the same experiences we Egyptians went through it in the nineties, children, women, men and scared places were all under severe attacks, everyone was terrorized under the name of Allah and Islam, however Allah and Islam are innocent from those wicked claims.
I never understood and I will never do understand these claims, they were and are always invalid and null to me, if it is done for seeking power and influence, I may understand it while looking down to the animals who shed blood to settle their disputes.
I always hated their use Islam the religion of peace, as a tool of disturbing and destroying peace.
I always think of Islam as a torch to enlighten the human way, how come those can use it to burn and damage.
Dear Algerians, you have been through days, decades and centuries of hard times, you have proved to be tough and able to deal with the complications of this life, but till when we have to adjust and adapt with the unfavorable conditions imposed on us by the bad souls, why they hinder any progress, those terrorists are not only killing and terrorizing people, they are desecrating the face of Islam as well.

May Allah bestow his mercy on the victims and enlighten the dark hearts.
This post is dedicated to my Algerian friends: Kahina, Keiber, Samia, Najwa, Mohamed and Karimo.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Days ....... Human Rights Day.

Some days are so memorable, you cannot forget them.

When I was young, the holy feasts and the national vacations were so important to me, they lost that importance when I grew up, I do not know why, may be I am not that joyful young heart anymore, may there is no joy around me.

Tomorrow is a very important day in my life; it is the International Human Rights Day, in that day, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, that declaration is considered to be the corner stone of the international bill of Human Rights, which promote and protect Human Rights.

Human Rights reminds with all the noble values of the humanity, virtue, justice, egalitarianism, peace, compassion and hope, it reminds as well with the crimes and tragedies against Human Rights, massacres, war, poverty, intolerance, discrimination, oh a lot to tell.

I am happy and optimistic today, that day is a chance to celebrate, to start thinking of tomorrow, a better tomorrow, where human are equal, only for the virtue of being human.

Celebrate Love, Equality, Peace and Tolerance.

Denounce and Stop Wars, Hatred and Injustice.

Looking Forward or Better Tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Me and Ziba......

Life sometime treats you really well; it gives you what you always looked for.

When I was in Malaysia Truly Asia, I was spending my happiest days ever, beautiful country, freedom from mum's tyrannical love which kills me, the best training ever, peace of mind and soul, although the body was severely in danger, the best company ever and the most important thing I met a dream, Ziba Mir Hosseini.

Ziba is a Muslim feminist, she is Iranian anthropologist, she studied Fiqh, she is a film maker and an awesome creature, down to earth and so kind, I met her in Penang in Malaysia, I used to read her articles in my research of my MA dissertation about " Islamic Feminism: Reading the Legacy: Egyptian Case Study", I reefed to her studies about construction of gender rights in Islam, I will refer later on in many posts to that important issue.

Ziba was a name that inspired me, I remember when I saw her first time, I did not recognize her, that I did not see her photos often with her scholarly articles, we were doing an ice breaking exercise, she said I am Ziba from Iran, in a proud and modest way, the words captured my attention me, I asked my Iranian friend Leila, Is she Ziba Mir Hosseni??? She said yes she is and I was happy as much as my heart can bear happiness.

I did not dare to talk with her for almost two days, I had that stars fever, and I approached Farida Shaheed, the Pakistani feminist and the organizer of the training and told her I will never dare to talk with Ziba, Farida offered me the best favor ever and interduced us, I said to Ziba I am your biggest fan, Ziba is so wise and calm, she laughed for the analogy of her with the rock stars, that I did.

Since then, the nice gestures, caring, tons of information and before everything and after everything the support was what Ziba gave me.

I am writing this post to celebrate Ziba existence in my life, I am celebrating a brave Muslim woman, who believed in God and in his justice, she is liberated - may God help her – from the shackles of outdated and unfair explanations of Islam,
I am writing this post to celebrate Ziba in Cairo, thanks to all the academic institutions that closed its doors in our faces to host Ziba's talk in Cairo, Ziba should be celebrated in Egypt as she celebrated everywhere, for the love of God see how Indonesia treat this woman

Ziba your place is in your students hearts, you are safe there, teacher.

UPDATE: in Ziba's visit to Cairoin 2007, we tried to hold a talk for Ziba in a prestigious academic Egyptian institution, however the very tight schedule of the visit, misunderstanding and the very short notice prevented us, so a door was open, but we did not manage to hold a talk.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

ALLAU.... How Bad!!!!!!!

ALLAU, how bad!!!!
My graduation ceremony will be held in Malta, in Valetta.
I should be happy, but No, I am not.
I am in really danger, lets think together, why should I celebrate my graduation??? Because I did well in classes and thesis, because I will see Malta Hanina again, because I will awarded after a tough year of studies, I will see all the class mates and the great friends!!!
However, some of the greatest friends might not show up, Asli, Kahina and Seba.
How bad!!!!!
How shall enjoy this ceremony without you girls, you have been there for me in all the hard times, you should also be next to me in the good times.
I hate visas, Asli is doomed, she is Turkish, she belongs to the biggest exporting country of manpower to Europe, but is it her fault, no it is not, it is a source of he pride, she is facing problems with the visa, only for being Turkish.
The same goes for Kahina, the Algerian friend of mine, is it her fault that she is Algerian, no it is not as well
Coming to the most complicated case, Dearest Seba, she is Palestinian for the love of God, she is blocked in Europe, in Africa, everywhere to sum it up.

So why shall I be happy, I will go to Malta in shaa Allah, I will stand next to Asli, Kahina and Seba, if they are not there next to me, as they used to be, I will wait for them in front of the old university building till they come, even if I miss the ceremony.
I attended ceremonies before, but I never have you girls before, I am waiting for you.
I am warm , Asli, I will take your scarf when you come :P


ya welcome ya welcome

Well, HELLO everybody
This is my first post in this newly established blog, this is not my first blog, me and my great friends are blogging together on
I figured out that being a part of a group restrict your ideas, however the group is nice and really representing you.
I chose to blog alone and with my friends, this blog will be posted in English, to commincate with my dear persons outside Egypt and inside Egypt as well!!!!
Opps allah, I did not present myself, I am Fatma, interested in Human Rights, Women's Rights, Cultural tolerance, Religious tolerance and many other stuff, you will notice it later on.
Just keep reading and writing to me, I think we have a lot to be said
Do not we ???