Monday, October 24, 2011

Women Live Under Muslim Laws : women solidarity

One of the most favorite Arab quotes for me is "Rodo al Fadel l ahlo" or give the credit back to the people who deserve it. That's why I am writing this post.
I am writing this post to celebrate belonging to a great family, which the international solidarity network Women Live Under Muslim Laws , herein after WLUML. This network is group of women from all over the world , their lives are shaped by  laws driven from Islam. It started in 1984 , after incidents in many parts of the world which proved that so called Islamic laws can be a cause for violating women rights. That’s why different women came along to start WLUML.
The name of the network might lead the readers that it is exclusive for Muslim women, on contrary WLUML is a network that consist of  women who were born Muslims but they do not identify themselves as Muslims, non Muslim women who live in Muslim countries, Muslims in non Muslim counties, and Muslims in Diaspora.
I get to know WLML when I was studying for my MA in my search for the term "Islamic feminism", I came across them in my search for who is consider to be Islamic feminist and whether any feminist approaching Islam is an Islamic feminist. And the answer  I found out that being an Islamic feminist means to work within the paradigm , and not every critique to Islam is Islamic feminism. And I came to recognition of the secular nature of WLUML, however it is still a welcoming place to women who have the same interest if they share the same goals , even if they see different ways of achieving the goals .
WLUML works mainly on offering support and knowledge  and securing networks for its networkers . I have been always valuing this such, until the Egyptian revolution came and it was my only way out , WLUML staff kept calling me, publishing what I write when the internet return back . and it conveyed my message and voiced that situations of millions of Egyptians , men and women.
I carry a lot of gratitude to WLUML, where I learn the virtue of respecting the different opinions and gained power and energy to fight for my cause whatever happen. the solidarity is our only weapon
Have a look on WLUML website and if you value their contribution to the humanity , show that through spreading the word and donation 

Photo : New Volunteers Institute in Penang , Malaysia, 2007

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Comment on Amr Diab phedophilic song

He released a new CD , I was impressed that he did so although I know that the current political and economic situation will influence the sales badly.  
What astonished me in this CD, not that is lame reputation to his older songs , but the awful song " Ya ret senek yezid sanatin , ashan senek keda soghier" which mean, I wish you were two years older , because now you are too young !!!!!
. this is clear case of pedophilia , that he loves an underage girl and he can not have a relationship with her.
I could not help but analyzing  this song from a sexual perspective and it really irritated me , however some of my friends started arguing that the idea of the legal age of marriage and the legal agency to have concessional sexual relation is relative ,  that in country which approve sexual relations within marriage institutions , the marriage age is 18 or like deciding 18 as age for concessional sex in other countries that enjoys sexual freedom.
I agree that why it is 18 not 19 for example , and what is standard to know that the person has the agency to decide what is right and what is wrong.
This song just remind with a deep rooted problem in Egypt which the early marriage, where the economics , culture and bad interpretations of Islam co operate to harm thousands of young Egyptian women. And in this regard I have to say that the legal solution is not the effective solution , I believe it needs a holistic solution .
This is just some scattered ideas which invaded my mind while listening to this ugly song