Monday, September 13, 2010

USA trip 2010 (1)

I love traveling, and I decided to blog on my travels to keep the memories and share the interesting thoughts with you
This is my first time to the US, the trip seems to be difficult since the beginning, that although I am traveling as international visitor under exchange program of the department of state, I passed through the minimum hassle of issuing a visa to the US, I still remember spending a whole working day trying to fill the online visa application, I was desperate enough to think of canceling the whole trip but I was lucky to find paid help in the last moment .
The flight was the longest flight I have been too, my last record was Malaysia, but it completely worth it, I hope I will the same in the end of my trip
Unfortunately, I reached the US on the memorial of 11 September, however the security check was normal  similar to a European airport check, and that was a relief
I am now in Washington DC, and I am enjoying it, today I have been to the white house and the congress and my program will start tomorrow however today 's tour was the first encounter with the other participants in the program of women in justice, the participants are coming from different Middle Eastern countries , 3 Egyptians including me and from Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria , Qatar and Jordon , we just went through Washington together, we did not have chance to talk much but I kept just one comment in my mind that a the political well in Morocco and Egypt changed the situation however with a country like Saudi Arabia that is not the case, that comment reminded me not to judge on the things only from the surface but to acknowledge the specificity  of each context.
We will visit American NGO and governmental agencies working on promoting women rights to utilize from the American experience, and I am looking forward to that with a critical eye .
To be continued

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