Sunday, October 2, 2011

Comment on Amr Diab phedophilic song

He released a new CD , I was impressed that he did so although I know that the current political and economic situation will influence the sales badly.  
What astonished me in this CD, not that is lame reputation to his older songs , but the awful song " Ya ret senek yezid sanatin , ashan senek keda soghier" which mean, I wish you were two years older , because now you are too young !!!!!
. this is clear case of pedophilia , that he loves an underage girl and he can not have a relationship with her.
I could not help but analyzing  this song from a sexual perspective and it really irritated me , however some of my friends started arguing that the idea of the legal age of marriage and the legal agency to have concessional sexual relation is relative ,  that in country which approve sexual relations within marriage institutions , the marriage age is 18 or like deciding 18 as age for concessional sex in other countries that enjoys sexual freedom.
I agree that why it is 18 not 19 for example , and what is standard to know that the person has the agency to decide what is right and what is wrong.
This song just remind with a deep rooted problem in Egypt which the early marriage, where the economics , culture and bad interpretations of Islam co operate to harm thousands of young Egyptian women. And in this regard I have to say that the legal solution is not the effective solution , I believe it needs a holistic solution .
This is just some scattered ideas which invaded my mind while listening to this ugly song

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