Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not For Sale : Anti Human Trafficking

Today we met with David Batstone , the president of Not For Sale organizationin San Francisco, the organization is working on ending the human trafficking and slavery, I liked the presentation for many reasons, the first that I related what they are doing in the organization to the ongoing efforts in Egypt to combat human trafficking, Egypt is suffering from human trafficking crimes, usually against women that they will be sold or so called married for sexual exploitation purposes.  luckily the Parliament just passed the Anti Human Trafficking law in Egypt while the rapporteur of Human trafficking visit to Egypt.
However just after the visit was concluded, the Case of Senator Ahmed Yerima just appeared , the ex governor of Zemfera state and the man who applied the Sharia law in the state, was " married " to a 13 years old Egyptian girl , I was involved with my coworkers in many emails  with Nigerian sisters to try to deal with this case, but sadly the governmental response in Egypt did not mount to the expectations , and also the Egyptian civil society was not sensitive to the case, or even the Egyptian media . it is note worthy to say that the persistent efforts of fellow Nigerian feminists lead to the investigation of the case by the anti trafficking agency in Nigeria and it is a ongoing case.
The second thing that I liked about Not for Sale is using the social media to make change, they are using the new technology like the Iphone applications to verify which companies have bad record regarding human trafficking and they offer these ratings by using iphone application, in addition to that they are developing a map to verify where does the human trafficking crimes happen and it is available online
Finally, they work on internal and global level and they built a powerful network that have many stakeholders, each is contributing in the most adequate way and they stay behind the curtains if that would help in accomplishing their goals.

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Wandering Soul said...

Trafficking is a global issue tragedy of trafficking is thousand of young girls and boys are sold into modern-day slavery. watch this documentary 'Sold' it provides a compelling look into this dark, inhuman, and exploitative world and shows how each one of us can help to prevent modern-day slavery.