Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the virginity and the constitution

My friend Doaa Abd elAal sent me a video of amending the constitution, which is the hot political topic in Egypt. The opposition to this amendments called  it trail to rebuild the constitution, but the term used in Arabic was "Terqee'" aka rebuilding the hymen.

And that was visualized in a video of a woman seems not " good enough " according to the Egyptian conservative standard and she was described that she was doing all what she wants , mainly having sex before marriage . The scene after that an innocent bride and her groom and the video ends by you deserve better than that.

The bottom line is this is sexism, the Ad used the women sexuality and judged women who choose certain choices that that is not accepted by the society that the are not " good " women, I just want to ask why this primary questions is still valid, I feel that many things changes and some things seems to be unmovable rocks like the issue of virginity.


صفا حرك said...

الله عليكي يا فاطمة ! انا كنت فاكرة اني الوحيدة اللي اتفاجأت بالإعلان المستفز ده
كل الناس بتشاركه على الفيس بوك دلوقتي و مشوفتش تعليق معارض واحد عليه !!!!

للأسف فيه اللي بيطالبوا بالعدالة معندهمش استعداد يطبقوها على مجرمين النظام القديم

فيه اللي بيطالبوا بالحرية و مش عايزين يكفلوها للرأي الآخر

و فيه اللي بيطالبوا بنشر الوعي الثقافي و السياسي عن طريق إعلان زي ده !!!

Anonymous said...

What appalls me is that, they are saying that "patching" the constitution is the same as Changing the Constitution.
The crisis the arab world is in now, is due to the continuous "patching" of laws for remedial answers to problems that arise. Laws are never researched, drafted, revised, voted upon, revised, re-revised, re-researched and carefully examined like they should be.

Unknown said...

الاعلان دة ضايقنى جدا.
لكن اللى زعلنى اكتر ان محدش تقريبا هاجم الاعلان باعتبارة يحمل اساءة للمرأة ,, ولاحتى مراتى
وعلى صعيد اخر
تم اضافة مدونتكم الى ـ مدونون بلا قيود ـ
وسوف ننشر مواجز وروابط لكل تدويناتكم خلال نصف ساعة من نشركم لها
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