Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women March day 2011 diaries

Today I was heading to Tahrir square, again to protest.

This time I will protest against the despotism, lack of full citizenship and the weak fake democracy we are witnessing and I add to my list special things because today is the international women day I added patriarchy and misogyny

Today is the million march for women rights, let's start that the name is super duper optimistic, million chanting for women rights is a wild dream for Egyptian feminists, may be after a longer battle that number will be a reality. This is my first disappointment I went in time to the press syndicate to attend the march with the Coalition of Women Ngo which Nazra is part of. The important figures of feminist civil society came , the main stream civil society did not show up only few here or there and that’s typical women rights is not on the agenda of the human rights movement, they put is other reasons

Then I was distracted by the amount of the media and that they want to take some photos of a weak demonstration and go to their offices, and that lead to a shadow demonstration stealing from the lights of our demonstrations .

then the glorious moments started , we walked from the press syndicate to Tahrir square and I felt powerful and empowered , I was carrying slogan of a civil non sectarian , non religious state and I was happy that this is the streets of Egypt , the notorious streets of the harassments , and talking about a harassments , stupid guy took advantage that I am looking forward and he scared me and he excreted the anger in my, he was rescued by other protesters, he thought a typical move like this will scare a girl and make her scream, I did screamed but in anger.

Anyhow back to the glory, we invaded the streets and we owned it then we started to collect the piece of the protest in Tahrir, and we are chanting for constitutional, legal and political equality, and for full citizenship

The happiness did not stay for long time, the anger in the streets and the fierce replies to the chants of women rights chants, many misogynist reaction were raised, like women place is home , go and cook and politics is men work

Then I am tired and chilling up in the internet café , I will be writing more

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