Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Malta Hanina Khobza w Sardina


i travel a lot, i visited many countries, but some countries have place in the heart and soul 
Malta the beloved from 14 Sep 06 till 20 Apr 07 
and back for the graduation in the international human rights day 10th of Dec 2007

but Malta is the only place i fell home. i studied my MA there. i studied International Human Rights from a multidisciplinary perspective, i come political science background and my approach to international law was enhanced in this study tour. 

Presenting African System of Human Rights

it was a scholarship, 
as part of the co operation policies of the European union, i was in the Mediterranean masters, there are four twins in Africa, Balkans, Europe and Latin America.
my first semester was in Malta Hanina Khobza w Sardina and the second semester was in Ghent, Belguim. 

In Malta i met all the class, many nationalities, friends, acquaintances, even enemies .

it was a journey for the soul and mind, not only physical journey. 
 i met great people, i had a huge gang to hang out with 
but i still rememberf bad things like the migration authority office, where i felt that i am negr veiled woman coming from the Middle East after 2001 .

Discrimination and racism 
made me tough,
 and toughest than ever

 i still remember when they made me stand in the line of black people, and the bad employee was doubting that i am a student and i was mad and angry, and good female officer comfort me by a smile and warm good morning greeting. 
i met good people in my class and in Malta 

and i made it to the degree .......

me and H.E Egyptian Ambassador
Southren Egyptian Rock
Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences - Cairo University Rock :) 

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