Monday, September 24, 2012

40 YEARS in Jihad for Allah :Amina Wadud

الا ان نصر الله قريب ...
عجلت اليك ربي لترضي .... افلا تتعقلون
Tant Amina
I have a piece of news
And I hope it is nice
El shourok newspaper the second wide spread newspaper in Egypt published
My post about you
And I think the timing is important as the fundamentalists are stealing what women gained by the pretext of Islam is not debatable and Ijhtad is over
And who is better than you to say this is not Islam
I am so sorry that I gave u false hope
Really sorry
you saved me,
i felt that i am fighting my identities as a Muslim woman 
in moments i felt that i am trapped between my faith
and my identity as a woman.
stay blessed and strong Tant Amina
  • ق
  • i wanted to see her this year in "3omra el Tawheed" i told her : ]
  • fattou :  ezayek tant Amina
    i want to join umrah el tawhid, but i think it will e hard because Saudi will not allow me without escort.
    i will consult with a toursim company whether they can help or not.
    i hope i can manage . ya rab.
  • Prof Amina :  In the US they let the mahram sign a notarized letter giving permission for females under 45. So you have that? Would love to have you join us ISA. but visa needs to get started immediately. 
  • tanta amina 
  • كل سنة و انت طيبة يا امنة 
  • و بعودة الايام
  • تفرحي و تتهني و في عيدك 
  • نغني 
  • و نضرب لك سلام 
  • كتبتي و علمتي و امنتي 
  • و تسعي في الارض 
  • و تعجلي الي الله حتي يرضي 
  • ابشروا بشري لكم 
  • امنة بنت ودود تكتب 
  • المرأة و القرأن 
  • و جهاد النساء 

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