Friday, September 22, 2017

Nubian cause: History and Developments

I have been writing about the Nubian cause since 2005, through out my writing i wrote about the history of the cause, why do we protest for our rights, what are our rights.
Nubian cause started in 1898 as an African community divided by the colonizer. in 1898, the British colonizer divided the historical Nubia to Egyptian Nubia in the north and Sudanese Nubia in the south, since then and misery started.

the Nubian land was a target for the colonizer plans. Nubian land was subjected to dam building and that lead to serious of forced displacements, Nubians were displaced in 1902, 1912 and 1932. Every time Nubians wake up at the scene of water flooding their homes. They did not have any assistance from the Egyptian governments. If you want to read the misery in details, I advise you to read "AlShamendora" novel of Mohamed Khalil Qassem, to know the story of the old traditional Nubian society an the attack of forced displacement. Nubians migrated to Cairo, Alexandria and Suez canal cities.

the misery reached its peak in the 1960's under the regime of Nasser the Arabist regime. Egyption Nubia was drown completely under the water of biggest artificial lake in the world. It was named after the name of the Nubia executioner, Nasser lake or Nubia lake, as it should be named.

Nubians lost the assets, land, culture and identity and add to this, they lost HOME. Nubians were forced to stay in inadequate environment in Komo Ombo valley far from the Nile river, the main vain of Nubian life.

this is our dark painful past, the painful present started with the revolution in 2011, from 1964 to 2011, all the governments denied Nubains their right. the revolution made The Egyptians to move  towards freedom, dignity and liberty to end decades of tyranny, despotism and injustice. Nubians claimed their rights and they were presented in two committees to draft the constitutions, started with Manal el Tabie, who was forced to give up her mission because of the pressures on Muslim brotherhood. el Tabie was followed by the renowned novelist, Haggag Adoul.

I was lucky to assist Adoul, he managed to draft "some" rights of Nubians in the constitution of 2014. we were granted the right to return to the historical land in phase of 10 years.  the constitution stipulated the right to cultural diversity. the non discrimination article criminalized discrimination based  race, color and geographical origin.

but the government did not respect its obligations, in the end of 2014, a presidential decree no 444 of the military borders, which considered 17 Nubian villages in the historical land military borders, then the presidential decree 355 considered Toshka and Farqondy which is Nubian land. in addition to seizing the west of Aswan land.

that's why Nubians protested on 3rd of September to refuse all the denial and violations of Nubian rights. 25 person are detained since then. 

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