Saturday, December 1, 2007

ya welcome ya welcome

Well, HELLO everybody
This is my first post in this newly established blog, this is not my first blog, me and my great friends are blogging together on
I figured out that being a part of a group restrict your ideas, however the group is nice and really representing you.
I chose to blog alone and with my friends, this blog will be posted in English, to commincate with my dear persons outside Egypt and inside Egypt as well!!!!
Opps allah, I did not present myself, I am Fatma, interested in Human Rights, Women's Rights, Cultural tolerance, Religious tolerance and many other stuff, you will notice it later on.
Just keep reading and writing to me, I think we have a lot to be said
Do not we ???


Bouha said...

mabrook el blog ya gamil !!
nawwarti el net !

Fatma Emam said...

how sweet of u aminos
el net menwara bik
thanks dear :)