Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto is Silenced!!!

Bhutto is Killed in a blast!!!!
This piece of news is invading all the news networks all over the world.
The powerful Pakistani woman is killed.
the sequence of the Pakistani politics was saying that she will be dieing soon, since her return to her homeland Pakistan from Dubai, she was subject to assassination trails, the imposition of emergency status and the sudden removal of it and finally the weird presidential plea of securing the opposition leaders meant the opposite, that all the opposition leaders will be under attack.
Bhutto is down, may be tomorrow Sherif will be the victim, who know.

Bhutto was not a local Pakistani symbol, she is a human symbol, she is symbolizing a powerful woman, who used to speak bravely, while others were silenced. She portrayed an enlightened picture of women coming from the Global South, an educated privileged woman that struggled for her fellow illiterate and poor woman.
I will not be lair if I said she is a Muslim powerful woman, I will never forget her as the first woman prime minister in a Muslim country, where fundamental and extremist voices were trying to deform her photo.
Bhutto is not a saint, definitely she made some wrong steps throughout her endeavor, but she did not deserve to be slaughtered in public, between her supporters.
whoever killed her is a coward, that did not manage to stand up and argue with her in public, that's why her killers decided to manage their dispute with her, in a inhumane way, they decided to silence her forever.

But they forgot that Bhutto's causes are still alive.

We will struggle for Democracy
We will struggle for Civil Governments
We will struggle for Gender Equality
We will struggle against Fundamentalism.

Bhutto, Rest in Peace, May Allah Bestow his Mercy Upon You.
Bhutto, they killed you, but others and I are still alive.

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Kaoutar said...

You're right my dear. People die but never causes.

Allah yer7amhum.