Saturday, December 1, 2007

ALLAU.... How Bad!!!!!!!

ALLAU, how bad!!!!
My graduation ceremony will be held in Malta, in Valetta.
I should be happy, but No, I am not.
I am in really danger, lets think together, why should I celebrate my graduation??? Because I did well in classes and thesis, because I will see Malta Hanina again, because I will awarded after a tough year of studies, I will see all the class mates and the great friends!!!
However, some of the greatest friends might not show up, Asli, Kahina and Seba.
How bad!!!!!
How shall enjoy this ceremony without you girls, you have been there for me in all the hard times, you should also be next to me in the good times.
I hate visas, Asli is doomed, she is Turkish, she belongs to the biggest exporting country of manpower to Europe, but is it her fault, no it is not, it is a source of he pride, she is facing problems with the visa, only for being Turkish.
The same goes for Kahina, the Algerian friend of mine, is it her fault that she is Algerian, no it is not as well
Coming to the most complicated case, Dearest Seba, she is Palestinian for the love of God, she is blocked in Europe, in Africa, everywhere to sum it up.

So why shall I be happy, I will go to Malta in shaa Allah, I will stand next to Asli, Kahina and Seba, if they are not there next to me, as they used to be, I will wait for them in front of the old university building till they come, even if I miss the ceremony.
I attended ceremonies before, but I never have you girls before, I am waiting for you.
I am warm , Asli, I will take your scarf when you come :P


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