Friday, March 26, 2010

On Defamation of Religions

The Human Rights Council in the United Nations passed a resolution combating defamation of religion. Islamic countries voted for this resolution. This resolution will be used to censor any speech against religions or holy persons. This resolution is passed as a way to solve crisis like the Danish cartoons and the Dutch movie Fitna

I still remember the Danish cartoons crisis, and the hatred calls that were raised after this crisis and the damage of properties . I remember how sad I was that we Muslims changed the image of Prophet in the eyes of the world from the mercy brought to humanity to a pervert and terrorist, the cartoonist drew the image of so called contemporary Muslim not the idealistic image of the Prophet. Danish cartoons was a crisis between governments not people, it was lead by some Islamic countries to effect the internal balance of power not to defend a religious dogma. I recall the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference and its role in erupting this crisis not solving it, it was desperate attempt to say that we exist even if by creating irrational battle and how they made the masses the scapegoat for their international failures .
I am a practicing Muslim woman, who respect the scared texts and prophets, however I respect the freedom of expression and I see it a vital component for any society, if you have some actors or some ideas that are unquestionable, that will give authority to certain sectors of the society to claim their right to consider which speech is defamation and which is not. We will end up again in society with a sector that censor others and evaluate their speech. Injustice and inequality will take place. Sadly we will create theological system that judge people and hinder their freedom
I feel sad when persons attack the Prophet, however if I am free I will say my own point of view and defend what I believe in, I remember the great experience in Egypt in the 60's when an atheist published a book " Why I am Atheist" another book named " Why I am Muslim" was published as a reaction.

If freedom is exercised we will be equal, but if freedom is violated inequality will be the outcome.

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