Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women and Work in Egypt

Work is essential part of our life, it is not only securing our living by its revenue, it is also remedy for social exclusion and a right to be claimed.

In the conference of women and work organized by European Training Foundation ETF. Many insights and views were shared and many arguments were raised. We discussed women and their endeavor to equality.

In Egypt, the principles of equality and egalitarianism are enshrined in the constitution. Article 40 stipulated that all citizens are equal; this article says that women should be treated equally in labor market. However this frequently violated. The last incident was the refusal of the general assembly of State Council court to hire female judges. In addition to that women are the majority of university students but they are the minority of the labor force, this is taking place because of the difficulty of transition from school to work. Women are existing in the labor market but invisible because women are working in informal sector of economy, where they have unjust work conditions.

Another article of the Egyptian constitution is article 11, which states that the state has to ensure and to assist women in juggling their careers and family responsibilities. This article entitles women to access to daycare facilities, adequate maternity vacation and flexible working hours.
i know that my sweet school mate is having hard time finding a new job because she is pregnant.

The final article I want to discuss is article 151 which states that any international treaty ratified by the parliament is considered to be part of national law. I would love to remind the Egyptian government to respect and apply its international obligations under Convention of Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW, the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other Human Rights treaties.

I believe that women will break their chains, achieve their potentials and shape their future to enjoy equality and freedom. Wrote in celebration of International Women Day.

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