Sunday, March 7, 2010

Viva Humans

I am attending a confernce on Women and Work from 7 to 8 March 2010 in Turin, Italy. it is organised by the European Training Foundation. we are celebrating International day of women in 8 of March and 100 years of Copenhagen conference.

We are disscussing three main themes: the first is transition from school to work and why women are the majority of school studnets and minority in the labour market. the second theme is enterpernuershipand how women can be economically empowered.and the third theme is socail inclusion and gender equality, why women are disadvantaged in the labour market and in the society in general.
the participants are from all over the world, only one male participant.

i am so happy, because it snowed and it is my first time to witness this and because this confernce reinforced my belif in human solidarity.we sahre almost everything but ib different ways.

i was touched when a particaipant from the former USSR encourged me to talk about the tyrannical Egyptian system, she said this is a safe place and change and better days can come.

Viva Humans
Viva Universal Human Rights
Viva Gender Equality

we are equal and we share the same destiny

Early Happy International Women Day

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