Saturday, October 23, 2010

About Dancing

Tonight was the Gala party of the AFF, we went to a very nice restaurant with a pool and a garden and it was lovely, the food, the music and the best element was the company .
The Senegalese dancing is phenomenal, I was really inspired and I decided to write about dancing, yesterday I was arguing with my Egyptian friends in the AFF, that the Egyptian dancing is for seduction and not just for having fun . and I still think it is seductive, it is always focused on women and how to show the beauty of her body and always men or older and more powerful women are the audience , I hate also that the attention is focused only on one person, the dancer and it is not community dancing or group dancing like the Nubian dancing , where all the community, males and females dance collectively, so the attention is not focused on one person.
I hate being under the lights, I hate the feeling that people are looking at me, I know that I am suffering from low self esteem problem in addition to huge body issues , that’s why I do not like dancing in public, although I do know how to dance , like many other young Egyptian women, but the attention bothers me .
I really liked the dancing in the AFF, the women are just powerful, celebrating themselves, their beauty and enjoying their pride and self esteem, and creating with their smiles and colorful outfits a very beautiful photo.


vivydp said...

I can understand very much what you mean.
Here we have many body movements came from Africa from old times, and it's not related to seduction or a dance just between men and women.
It's a way to keep alive the culture of old people celebrating simple but special things and that's what makes this really precious.

Fatma Emam said...

i second what you said , you just summarized the whole rational of the post, that dance is beyond sexual meaning , it is to show anger and happiness, it was part of certain culture prayers, thanks for keeping an eye of Brownie :)

Noha Atef said...

Very interesting blog ya Fatma! :)

I believe belly dance is for seduction, though it's an art.

Dancing makes this pleasure of feeling good with your body, don't you feel good when you dance in front of your female friends, or even in front of a mirror?...

What I can't get, is why men dance in Egypt nowadays is an imitating to female belly dance!

Fatma Emam said...

i agree with you ya noha, i do dance with friends and family members and i join the Nubian dancing, even i dance in the middle of the circle, i need to feel secure to dance