Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nazra For Feminist Studies : when work place is a dream

Writing about my dreams which came true is not easy, I want to talk about our Nazra for feminist studies, it strated with Mozn Hassan- our executive director- attempted to claim her place in the Egyptian feminist movement, then we knew each other in 2002, and since then we are trying to negate the fallacy that a secular feminist never work with Islamic feminist and vise versa .
We were tried from years of being neglected and not appreciated or even being invisible as young feminists , not belonging to the leftist  and pan Arab feminist movement.
Nazra started to be a reality in 2006 , when Mozn and I decided to start lobbying to create a legal platform for young  women and men to discuss gender issues and promote gender equality in Egypt . in 2007 we started the long process to create Non governmental organization.
Nazra is aiming to end the age of invisibility of the young feminists in Egypt and produce and disseminate knowledge and artistic products that promote gender equality in Egypt .
Our office, the small save cave is full on young women and men trying to fight patriarchy and to enhance women status in Egypt, the team is composed from scholars, activists and film makers.
I am very passionate that we are in action, we are implementing more than 5 projects this year, with a team of four full timers and five part timers, we are trying to build a safe place to articulate the interests of young people of Egypt regarding women issues.
Nazra for feminist studies is not an office or a team, it is a spirit and a safe cave
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