Friday, October 15, 2010

Memories of a very ordinary day

Yesterday was one of the good days in my life, although some difficulties took place.
I will start with telling you a cute story, I was having my morning tea in café downtown with Mozn, my shoes were dusty like all of Cairenes who are surrounded by desert. So there was the man who polishes the shoes and I asked him to polish my shoes and this is not ordinary at all, a man will never polish women's shoes and women do not do this, I did not think of it, I just did it, Mozn was surprised and she is not easily superised
then we  started very early in a work meeting with Mozn and a resource person about one of our researches, and we spent good time arguing about the patriarchal society and its system of women oppression, I have to admit that it is hard to talk to start such dialogue with a conservative man that see women in their roles and not as individuals.
Then we had a great day organizing the office and enjoying the team spirit, we held an event and it went really good
The bad things were the news of the arrest of the Gambian women rights defenders Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang-Sissoho , although it was really sad to hear such news abut I enjoyed the solidarity of our network, Women Live Under Muslim Laws. Tens of emails were exchanged between all the countries of the African continent to share love and support.
This is the main events that happened in my day, Is not it a great day?

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