Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Century Trial: Orani Trial

i was wondering which topic should i tackle in my 100th post on my Brownie.
and i have a HISTORICAL topic..... the Century trial. or Orani Trial according to my terminology. Orani is a term for a pimp in the Egyptian slang.... and yes it was about pimping.
Mubarak was sentenced life term imprisonment for killing thousands, injuring thousands, ruining millions lives and destroying the future of the nation.
His babies were not found guilty, apparently they had gloves when they were killing, so there is no blood stances, and  all the police monsters were not found guilty too. only, POOR  Habib el Adly was sentenced life time term imprisonment like Mubarak, and that is a connotation that this sentence is very political and it has to do with the political responsibility, not with the real guilt.
i know that Ismail el Shaer, Senior police officer of Cairo governrate can go back to his house, enjoy his clean reputation and may be he can sue the government to return to his " position". and i know many will enjoy that because this is reestablishment of the legacy of systematic  torture and police state in the Egyptian mentality, which we could not defeat with our revolution, YET .
i am afraid, i know many will die, many will injured
i know that we will survive all the Tsunami of SCAF and we will PREVAIL. 
still i am happy that Mubarak lost all his military ranks, his medals..... he is not a war hero anymore.... he lost his legacy and scared position...... he will never enjoy a military funeral when he dies, IN SHA ALLAH. He will die slowly in shame, UNLESS, he will be cleared from his charges in the next legal level.

whatever happen, whoever rules, how long it takes......  SHACKLES WERE BROKEN.
 and my final word in this article will be in Arabic : اللهم اني مغلوب فانتصر
Oh God, I am defeated, Please Conquer.

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