Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sudan Revolts...

I am not  fan of the pan Arabism, I always believed that it kills the uniqueness of the local cultures and it creates fake supremacy for the Arab Islamic culture on the other cultures. I never thought that the Arab world is one big homeland. However I think I need to revisit this notion. The Arab spring is my reason, that I have been taught that the history, language and religion is the common ground between the 22 countries. But for me the common ground is the same context, the despotism, rise of fundamentalism, dangers of sectarianism , economic deficit and the last variable is the hope for better future.
Torch of freedom Mohamed BouAzizi RIP

I still remember the first spark, there is SidiBouZid in Tunisia, when BouAzizi burnt his body to light a candle of hope to all of us.  Then the torch of freedom reached us in Egypt, then Bahrain, then Libya then Syria and now we have a new member in the team of freedom seekers. Sudan.
I have to say that I am attached to Sudan as any Nubian, and I still see it part of my homeland, and I do not take the line 22 as a border, that my family and my ethnicity are living behind this fake borders.
a recent photo of the revolts in Sudan

Sudan is this magical land where they revolted against the military junta, fundamentalism , Arabisation and Human rights atrocities.  They started revolting since Mahdi revolution, 1964 and 1985.
Sudan was the food basket of the world and the tyrant made it one of the poorest and failed states, they drawn the country in racism and wars. Genocides and massacres took place in Nuba mountain , East , and Darfur .
And the international community and the Arab region participated by neglecting and even supporting Bashir, who is a fugitive and a warrant was issued by the International criminal court against him in March 2009.
And now after 23 of poverty, wars , despotism,human rights violations and fanaticism , Sudan Revolts …..

After cutting the subsidies of fuel, the revolts started, by women in the students dorms. And this is important to remark, kindly do not ask where were the women, they STARTED it , even before, Safia Ishak a member in the Sudanese pro democratic movement Girifina ( WE ARE FEDUP) was beaten and raped in detention and she released a video just before the revolts.
The problem is in my opinion is the media block out which gives a bullet to the tyrant to kill another victim, up till now the media coverage is not enough and that is problematic because it deprives Sudanese people from the needed international support.
I think social media can help another population, kindly spread the word
The hashtag of Twitter are #SudanRevolts #UofK #السودان_ينتفض    
This is my list of the tweeps covering the news from Sudan
And this is my bundle of links in Arabic, French and English
In solidarity

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