Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An attempt to capture Egyptain beauty

i know that lately i am sharing too much politics, struggles and even when i share stories, it s full agony and sorrow.
so i decided to have a break and enjoy the beauty surrounding me and i decided that i will keep my share of the Egyptian beauty.
because of my life complications, i have been a social fugitive, or in a positive sense, i am a refugee. 
so i decided to change my tent as a nomad, to a home. decorating for me is spreading my magic on my place and claiming it. i feel safe and secure when i feel i own the place, by adding me touch to it.
and i am welcoming you to have look on my room.
i decided that i will add Egyptian art craft to my room, so i feel the beauty of my homeland, in its various manifestations.
consider this post an adv to buy Egyptian hand craft and i bought this stuff from Om el Donia and Fair trade Egypt .
 so ahalan w sahlan, Welcome.
Kelim carpet ( traditional waiving)

my desk with Khayamia table clothes

two cute women controlling my (comodino )

my laundry basket, Kelim(traditional waving) and our very old TV

a very colorful decoration on my wardrobe

mosques of "masleya baladi"  by Eman Mahran

my mirror made by the wood of the veggies and fruits baskets

a basket made of strew, where i keep the coins

pottery featuring a village, with colorful houses and pigeon towers

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