Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A FRIDAY Revolts in Sudan Celebrating Women

A personal note:

 Africa is a community that cherished its women 
still there is rooted patriarchy
but there is a so called matriarchal tendencies 
Kandaka means strong women in Nubian Language 
very proud that a Nubian word will be immortal 

via Girifna


Kendakh in the Cushitic (Nubian)  language means strong women, which was used by the Kushites to refer to their queens.
The women and mothers of Sudan have endured a lot in this period of NCP ruling ( Ingaz).
They have endured their husbands being forced out of work through nepotism and the deterioration of living standards.
They have endured their children being sent to concentration camps known as the Popular Defense.
They have endured their children being sent to the National Service, wherein they face humiliating and degrading treatment (if you recall the incident of  Alaelfon).
They have endured the plague of war and displacement of their families under the name of religion (Just as what had happened in the South).
They grew tired and fed up of poverty and hunger.
They have endured the illness of their children, when they can’t afford the medications.
And they remained patient.

Kendakh Friday : 07/13/2012
In solidarity with the mothers and women of Sudan, means solidarity with all the issues of the homeland.
In solidarity with the mothers of detainees, means solidarity with all detainees.
In solidarity with the mothers and women of Sudan, means solidarity against high prices and low standards of living (tight living).

كنداكة في اللغة الكوشية (النوبية) تعني المرأه القوية و اطلق الكوشيون هذا الاسم علي ملكاته ‬
‎‫الامهات ونساء السودان تحملن الكثير في عهد الانقاذ ‬

‎‫تحملن خروج ازواجهن للصالح العام و تدهور المعيشة ‬

‎‫تحملن ذهاب اولادهن لمعسكرات التعذيب المسماة بالدفاع الشعبي ‬

‎‫تحملن ذهاب اولادهن للخدمة الوطنية المذلة و المهينة لو متذكرين حادثة العيلفون

‎‫تحملن ويلات الحرب و تشريد الاسر تحت مسمي الدين ذي الحصل في الجنوب 
‬تحملن الفقر و الجوع
‎تحملن مرض اطفال و ما في حق دوا
و لسع صابرات
‎‫جمعة الكنداكة 13-7-2012
‎‫تضامننا مع امهات و نساء السودان يعني تضامننا مع كل قضايا الوطن ‬

‎‫تضامننا مع امهات المعتقلين و المعتقلات يعني تضامننا مع المعتقلين و المعتقلات ‬

‎‫تضامننا مع امهات ونساء السودان يعني تضامننا ضد الغلاء و ضيق العيش


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