Sunday, July 1, 2012


seriously, what the hell????
i am sick of all those racist bigots....why in hell do you think that you can underestimate a person or mock him\her for his\her color, ethnicity, race, religion or whatever criteria.
Is there any fact saying that a race is better than the other??!! Is there any rational argument supporting your stupid arrogance to produce these stupid sterotypes and accept them as a reality.
Do you ever question these assumptions??!!!
How dare you call all black people slaves or servants. Deer bigots, HUMAN BEINGS ARE BORN FREE. and if they were enslaved once, because some wicked souls violated their enshrined rights, even before all the Human Rights treaties.
Why in hell an airhead create this photo??!!!

this is the page of the so called contemporary "art" which published this stupidity, link here & kindly report it for spreading hate speech against  an ethnic group.
this is not the first time tackle this ugly  racism, i wrote a post before on the racist comments the talented Egyptian Footballer Mahmoud Abdel Razeq "ShikaBala" suffers from, in Arabic. 


Kindly do not ever thinking of saying this is "universal phenomena", Etoo was called a monkey and they  throw nuts and bananas to Drogba in the "civilized" Europe, this is not an argument that i will buy and racism is not a norm & it is a crime and violation of Human Rights. if any place is civilized, it should  deal with all humans as equals, regardless any differentiations.

racism is deep rooted notion in any society that thinks that somebody is better for anything other than their good deeds. 
why did fate makes Chief Justice Noha el Zieny publishes an article on racism in Egypt called, Black eggplant, to disscuss the suffering of black skinned persons and espcially women in Egypt, and almost a week later the newly established online newspaper Egypt Monocle publishes another article on the same issue. and i added my two pennies about my daily encounters with racism, in an article called "Dairies of a Black Egyptian woman" 
stop pretending that this epidemic is not spreading, it is fire in the woods. 

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Anonymous said...

People try to minimize racism saying things like "its uneducated people" who are racist or that it is a non-generalized phenomenon. That is not true, racism exists because there is IDEOLOGY made by educated people to legitimize it, from European esclavagists to panarabist politicians, from nazi philosophers to zionist lobbyists. All these people have made of racism fully argumented theories.

Also, what people dont perceive is that racism is not just when a guy in the street calls you a monkey just because you are black, racism is a full system of discrimination that makes for exemple that a person of color 20times less likely to find a job although the managers all say they are not racist because they have black friends and they listen to Beyonce and politicians all say there is not discriminative laws. This is all bullshit. Its racism that make that while we live in North Africa you never see a black person be a minister or hosting a TV show.