Friday, February 11, 2011

Chanting in Nubian

i have to say that the 25 of January revolution is phenomenal in all senses, but today was my happiest moment.
there was Nubian demonstration in Tahrir square , chanting in Nubian "Dafi.... Dafi ...Woh Mubark" which is Mubarak leave . i felt very proud, that the Nubian  people who have been away exculded and alientated, are caliming their citizenship, we are not caliming cultural rights or economics rights , we are fighting to prove that we are enjoying full Egyptian citizenship , however the demonstration was women free !!!!!
they are rebelling against a system who denied their rights and neglected their cause
this demonstration brought tears to my eyes and i felt very proud to belong to such people .
Dafi.. Dafi... Woh Mubarak

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Blog Maintainer said...

See this link:!/notes/maysara-omar/return-to-the-square-for-a-permanent-set-in/10150388517020051
of another Nubian Egyptian who is also giving excellent analysis on the Revolution