Friday, February 4, 2011

Day three The great escape

The 3 of February marks an important development in the Egyptian revolution which is the arrest of the Human Rights activist , the military police broke through  Hisham Mubrak law center and the Egyptian center of economic and social rights , and there were thugs down the building and they attacked the arrested  activists and the thugs told the residents of the streets that they the activist are agents of Iran and Hizboallah to create public rage against those activists  and to create potential danger for anyone who come to ask about them.
 today early in the morning we decided to see the Tahrir square after the massacre. I was astonished to find these numbers , the protesters did not leave their places even after the killings of yesterday, the chants were loud and I felt that even if we died all in this square we wrote a line in the Egyptian history that will never be forgotten or erased .
By the afternoon we were tired and we needed food and rest, so we started searching for a safe place and it took around three hours walking through Down Town area .
Then we found this place where I am now and it took a nap after three days of sleep deprive and started blogging

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