Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Between Mubarak and Khamenei

I was in rage when I heard the speech of the supreme guide of Islamic revolution in Iran Khaminei , when he said that the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt are Islamic revolutions inspired by the Iranian example .

I can not believe that a killer like Khaminei dare to say that Mubarak is a killer , they are both criminals and butchers , Khaminei approved the massacres of the Iranian people after the rigged elections in 2009 and Mubarak is systematically killing his people in various ways , the last time was in 2 of February in Tahrir square, when the NDP camels and horses chased the peaceful protesters .

I want to tell the so called supereme guide, Egypt is a civil country and our revolution is civil popular revolution, even if there some faces of Islamists, we are calling for reform and to form a civil society where everyone can express his /her point of view .

Egypt will never be lead by fundamentalists, we will resist this till the last breath we have, and I am saying it loud , that a fundamentalist system is never better than tyrant system, they both suffocate their people and violate their rights .
Egypt is looking forward for a civil system where everybody is equal and nobody can claim superiority

to be continued in a better time


Anonymous said...

I do not live in Iran so I could be wrong about what happens there, but here's what I understand about the 2009 election from a diaspora Iranian. There was a certain number (about 14) of witnesses from various walks of life (candidacies, local people of good reputation) watching the vote count at every polling place. They would know the count from that place. The relevant ministry publishes on its web site the counts polling place by polling place. All one has to do is add them up to get the total. If they were publishing a wrong count for a polling place, the witnesses could say so. I have never heard that anyone alleged that one of those counts was wrong. No one from the "green" movement in Iran or among Iranians outside Iran has answered these points, to my knowledge. The "green" movement may be substantially caused by US influence. I am not arguing in favor of theocracy and would certainly not want to live in one. But that is a concern of the Iranian people and I as an American have no right to say anything about their decision. But anyway in regard to whether the 2009 election was counted correctly, where is the good evidence that it wasn't, in the face of the safeguards I mention above? I think we shouldn't go around saying the election was counted incorrectly without good evidence, especially considering that having people believe that plays into US government interests in destabilizing Iran.

-- feet_in_usa on Twitter

Fatma Emam said...

dear anonymous commenter, this is comment from an Iranian friend

I heard these sorts of comments of the some of these so called Iranian diaspora since 2009 election. There are usually those western-phobic people who think whoever is talking against US even if he is a murderer such as Ahmadinejad and Revolutionary Guard is a hero and should be supported.

Regarding the votes, I'm sure that this guy should know that every candidate has to have his wittinesses in polling place but Mousavi's and Karoubi's witnesses were banned by the government from being at voting booths the night before the election and didn't have chance to be there.

We know that they cannot have access to the votes and voting booths and any document about them, but a question is why two of the individuals who have been working in interior ministry were murdered afterwards? It is rumor that they knew about something and they were in contact with Mousavi and Karoubi.

And isn't it funny that the vote of candidates ( Rezai and Karoubii) decreased the other day, instead of increasing or staying unchanged?

Whoever is still talking about the votes and about whether the election was fraud wants to distract people from thinking about the governments' brutality. But the vote is not the issue any more, the main questions are that if Ahmadinejad knew that he is the winner why he and his police and Revolutonary Guardian should attack, torture, and kill people brutally? what they were afraid of? why they have started the imprisonment of Mousavi's supporters, reformists, journalists, human rights and women's rights activists from the night of the election? Why they didn't issue permission for people's peaceful demonstration?

And I think whoever is saying that the green movement is a western-backed movement is also saying the Iranian people are not mature enough to decide for themselves and are unable to have democracy unless they get help from foreigners. Isn't it what Israel is saying about Egyptions too? These people don't have faith on the Middle Eastern people and think of them as people who cannot do any thing without western countries.

Yes, the people came into the street the day after the election and asking for "their votes." But, after all atrocities that IR conducted, the issue is not any more the vote, it is democracy, human rights, women's rights and freedom that Iranians were deprived from all these 30 years. And Khamenei did not start it, it was Khomeini that in the first decade after revolution imprisoned, tortured, and killed thousands of Iranian men and women. He did so when there were not any media coverage, but Khamenei doesn't care and does it without paying attention to the international human rights organizations and media.

I hope once again Iranians, like Egyptions, show to the world what they are capable of and that they are people who know what they want and what they don't want. They deserve to have democracy and human rights and they will.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I stumbled upon your blog from your twitter. And your reply to the first comment was flawless.
I know that he is having problems with his government (this might help though), but in Iran everything is different from USA. If it was that simple; Iran's government would have bring evidence to show the election was clean and correct. Governments are there to serve people, people do not have to show the government there was a fraud, it's government's job to follow what people are asking for. Instead, they thought they own the country and people are there to suffer for the government, that my friend is what we call dictatorship.
In case of Egypt, Obama messed up everything. Why would USA support Mubarak for 30 years, and all of a sudden turn it's back at him ?! Or even Saddam was another case. USA showed repeatedly that they don't care about the people, what they care is solely their benefits where it stands.
Besides, what you are saying is exactly the same as what Khamenei is saying for more than 3 decades. Whenever, there is something wrong the islamic regime is not to blame but there is always an enemy (US or Israel) that should be blamed for whatever is happening in Iran. Their excuses are: If they are killing people, it's not their fault, it's the foreign enemy's fault that encourage people. But the point is that people are not buying it anymore, they are just tired of lies and irresponsibility of the government that has put them in misery to pocket their money because they think people are their slaves.

I hope Egypt do not follows Islamic revolution in Iran. I think Mubarak did a good job not to leave the country right away and handing the power to military. As in Iranian revolution there were no fundamentalist people at the beginning but in less than a month after Shah left, fundamentalists started to repress and kill other oppositions and got the power. People at that time did not know what is happening to them, but now they are aware of that, and it's too late. I am sure Egypt is gonna have civil government and I wish I can visit it soon, it's in my bucket list ;)