Saturday, February 12, 2011

Misr Hora....... Mubarak Bara (Egypt is free....Mubarak out )

Yesterday 11 of February  I left Tahrir at 4 pm, after seeing the phenomenal Nubian demonstration which brought tears to my eyes.
I was with my friend Yasmine and she was discussing with the taxi driver that the revolution might continue for 2 more weeks, I was terrified and I thought that the Jasmine revolution stayed for more tan 29 days.
I went to the internet café, started blogging for a while and then the formal TV announced that there is a address for the nation for the presidency headquarters, which was surrounded by protesters.
And the address came; Omar Suliman announced that Mubarak resigned from his position as a president of Egypt.
The address was too short, I was waiting for a continuation, but it never came.
I was stunned, I thought I will cry or I will laugh or run to the street I stay as I am , started getting calls from friends abroad, I was dieing  to call my Egyptian friends to make sure that it is not a maneuver , that as all the Egyptian nation I do not trust this regime.
But my fear was wrong and the pharaoh left his throne.
I do not know Egypt without him, I was born in 1982, he was in power in 1981, I know my childhood and adolescence when   his photo in my school classes and in the faculty auditoriums, he was the only face of Egypt, he is equated to the whole nation not as its representative.
I will know a new Egypt free from racism, sexism, classism and tyranny, I will see a country where the young capacities are appreciated, I will live in a country respecting the individualism of its citizens regardless the differences in age, ideology, class, sex, race, ethnicity and sex orientation
I am proud to say that my generation and I am in the late twenties wrote history, we change the path of history in Egypt and this will effect the Middle East and the world
Finally my beloved Egypt stay blessed, be safe and enjoy being free you did not experience this feeling since decades


Palaverer said...

It's very beautiful, very very beautiful.

sab7al5air said...

you have the right to be proud of ur country ur generation and yourself Fatima
cant wait to see the changes in daily life ad see youth taking the lead there in Egypt