Friday, February 18, 2011

a historical day 16 feb

I started calling my self a feminist in 2004, after year of meeting my guardian angel and best friend Mozn Hassan.
I was always questioning the religion and the gender relations, and that was emphasized when I attended the Human rights workshop of the university students by Cairo institute of Human Rights in 2003, because I attended the session of Prof Omiama Abu Bakr about women and Islam. And I found my lost paradise.
I always felt so bad in the Egyptian feminist movement, I felt I do not belong, I called them fundamentalist secular, I was really detached and isolated in my shell in Nazra community and internationally with my network Women Live Under Muslim Laws.
Yes I developed paranoia from the Egyptian feminist movement, but in a historical day in a historical phase of Egypt life. I was invited for the first time to attend the co ordination meeting of the Egyptian Feminist NGO group it was held in the New Women Research Center.
I attended that meeting in horrible fear that I will brutalized or ridiculed but my fate hided the best present to me I witnessed a new Egyptian feminist movement where ideology is not the label, age is not the group and race is not the affiliation . I felt that this is the end of a fear I developed alone and there is no reason to keep it anymore. i saw a new face,i saw unity and acceptance . the revolution brought the best of us 
I just I want to say that I am proud to be in the same track with these women
To read the first statement of the group check here in Arabic

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