Saturday, February 19, 2011

a woman i love :Doaa Abdel Aal

I love to write about great women in my life, I always write about Mozn Hassan. I wrote about my mentors Ziba Mir Hossieni and Amina Wadud and I will write on Omiama abu Bakr.

Today I will write about a friend that always prove that the saying friend in need in friend in deed. I will write about Doaa Abdel Aal .

I met Doaa in WLUML New Volunteer Institute in Malaysia in 2007, I derived her crazy with my childish attitude and my radical nonnegotiable tendencies, and however she was always the rational and pragmatic friend. I and Doaa agree on many issues on being Egyptian nationalist and feminist and we disagree on the pan Arabism ideology and secularism. Doaa showed me good faces of terms and ideologies I always hated, I witnessed her protecting her pan Arabism affiliation and in the same time celebrating and acknowledging other ethnicities in the Arab region and that was the same case with secularism, although she shares with the fear of the Islamists but she can differentiate in a very smart matter between the political Islam and other ideas affiliated with Islam as a paradigm

However we never found that a reason not to be close friend further more in 2010 our relation took a new step that Doaa joined Nazra community as a supporter, Doaa offered us many brilliant insights and she offered us guidance with her experience as a very prominent young expert on gender and politics in Egypt.

I do not write this post only to celebrate the presence of Doaa in my life as an example of dedication, hard work, loyalty and faith, I write it to celebrate an example of a generation of Egyptian women who paved their own way by their hands.

Doaa, my dear, stay strong, spectacular and honest as you always have been, dear I will never forget your endless attempts to support me personally and professionally. stay blessed

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sab7al5air said...

Nice to know her though your post and for sure it was nice to see you both in Dakar hope you r doing fine and wish u a good long standing friendship