Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian women and the Revolution

I was never a fan of the political participation projects, and I was convinced that it deal with the symptoms not will the illness , and that we need cultural shift to change the ratioo of the women participation in politics

The revolution of the 25 of January striked me hard for many reasons , it showed that if the women felt they are related to or  they belong to the country, I am proud to say that The Egyptian women are playing an extra ordinary role in the revolution , they are fighting for private and public rights, they are claiming their rights as equal citizens in this country.

When I was in Tahrir, I saw young and old women, veiled women and non veiled women, and political oriented women and non political women.

I saw them side to side to the men, they did not listen to the traditional calls that Tahrir is not a place for women .

I saw the Egyptian women doing untraditional roles in organising , stargising. Spreading the information and leading the revolution. They were in everywhere writing new line of the herstory of women.

I was even astonished that the Muslim Brotherhood with there covering ultra religious veil are in Tahrir staying outside their houses in the cold nights protesting, I hope this will ne a turning point in the MB way of approaching women rights issues

I am happy that I belong to the Egyptian feminsit movement, I believed for long time that women are perservers of the traditions, now I believe that they are radical enough to smash any rule

to be continued in better moment


Eva from Belgium. said...

You can be very proud. I hope the revolution will also improve the situation for the women.

Lipsie is said...

I'm very proud of every Egyptian women who went down to Tahrir square despite the warnings.
I surely wish you all better days in a free Egypt.
Long live feminism !