Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 The bloody day


After the second address of the nation by Mubark, we declared that will not accept these lame excuses of being in authority till his term ends, rage was in the air , we will topple Mubarak down, this is the only motive  
The National Democratic party and his government launched support demonstrations, to show that the peaceful protesters are not representatives of the Egyptian nation . it roamed all the streets of Down Town  and they attacked Dr Mohamed el Baradi in a very nasty way.
It was a quiet day in the beginning , then it turned into hell, the NDP thugs started eradicating the protesters by using knifes , daggers and sticks , the injuries were fatal , the protesters fought for their life and they defended their  liberated land of Tahrir square .
I was in away working on translating some the information, I was terrified , I did not watch TV to avoid seeing the injuries
The protesters were very organized , they started a crisis hospital, the doctors were trying to help the injured with very limited resources, it was another angle where you can see the  precious  essence of the Egyptian nation .
Then came the role of the protesters in securing the supplies to the injured people , sometimes they were allowed sometimes they were not .
In this day, I was very cold blooded , I was updating the names of the injured and martyrs in peace without falling victim for sadness or anger , and the main reason of that was having the best group of friends ever, and all the team working with e, who decided that we are all related and connected and we will pull any one before he fall

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RBBinAmerica said...

You and your friends are an inspiration to the world, amazing brave. Egypt has returned.