Friday, February 11, 2011

a fight for a bathroom

Do women have to fight all the time to gain their rights, while men get everything for granted ?
i felt this feeling today 11 of February .
i drank alot of water, so i needed a bathroom, i searched in Tahrir square with no luck, then i thought that the resturants of the square might be used for theor bathrooms.
i found one, it was super busy, it is all men, getting ready for Gom'a prayers .
when i entered the resturant, they all shouted , there is no place fpr women, i did not engage a dialogue, i stood up silenet, may be a wise man can talk with me and that what happened a young man came to me , saying this place is only for men i asked him do you know any other place for women, he said i guess no.
i told him so i will use this bathroom, you know how many women are there in the square and we should use this facility .
he agreed with me easily and he told the other men that a women needs the bathroom and they should get out of it , i used the bathroom and i thanked him
what if i did not find that guy? could i resist all those men??
i really do not know

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Lilhaga said...

I always wondered what people did in case they needed a bathroom! haha ;) thanks for the post!