Thursday, February 3, 2011

101 protesting

Day one
After the crisis of explosion of the church in Alexandria , there was something in the air, there are many pressures to change the eternal statuesque.
An event was created by the adim of we are all Khalid Said page on Facebook, calling people to attend the fridy of anger on the the day of national celebration of the police on 25 of January.
I saw the event, but I thought it will be only the political activists place, but the reality proved the opposite it was unexampled day in the Egyptian history where hundred of thousands allover the country protested against Mubarak regime.
I was home, with my fear eating me alive and i think I have to admit that I never attended a protest , not or any political reason, but the fear was the only reason
I even did not join the front of defending Egyptian protesters , that my only experience in it was stressful .
So I decided that I will enjoy my comfortable  home and just help in spreading the word, but everyday I was thinking that I will regret it and this historical moment will by pass me.
I was struggling  in the middle of fear and refusal of missing the moment. Everyday I postponed I said tomorrow I will go.
Until I reached a moment that I thought it is critical, I went out of home secretly at 8 am while family was sleeping and I went to Hisham Mubarak law center , then to Tahrir square
It was Tuesday 1 of February, it was phenomenal , some reports said the protesters were million, I was cracking from the inside , the crowd , the chants and the huge signs .
I was very self conscious , I found it too hard to unite with the masses .
One example when the prayer time came , I did not pray, because I was afraid that the prayers was lead by the Muslim brotherhood , which was proved that the prayers were not political and felt also annoyed by the chants of some seculars calling to stop the prayers because it is Islamisation of the revolution . then in a better moment I realized that this is beauty of this revolution that everyone can express his \her opinion without judging others or preventing them
 So this is day one ---- 101 protesting  


Anonymous said...

Be safe, be strong

Anonymous said...

Please be careful! But I am really looking forward to hear your experiences. In America we say "Freedom is not Free." You are living and seeing the price you have to pay for freedom.